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About Hekmati Aluminum Company

with the enjoyment of different units such as design, mould, nitration and profile production and by using two extrusion press machines with a capacity of 1800 tons and an extrusion press of 2200 tons, polisher machine, aluminum finish, brushing, two lines of electrostatic curtain coloring, plating and anodizing unit, decorative paint line (wood and stone designs), the unit for the construction and assembly line of doors and windows, the modern European thermal brick system

It markets its various products with the following brands.

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Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Billet

Aluminum Door & Window

Features and benefits of Hekmati Aluminum products

The profiles, lacing and the technology of this complex is European which are produced with state of the art technology and top tech achievements. At the Hekmati Aluminum Complex, doors and windows, glass facades, and lacings are being produced under the brand of  Silber with the following features

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Years of experience in the production of aluminum profiles and doors and windows

Decades of production experience

Hekmati Aluminum Complex was established and started working in Tabriz city in 1364.

Variety of products

It is the most complete factory producing aluminum products in the northwest of the country.

Has various certificates

This collection has succeeded in obtaining international certificates of Iso 9001-2015 and European CE standard

Current technologies of the world

This collection of products is produced using well-equipped machines and modern technology

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This complex is one of the few production-industrial units in the private sector in the country, and it is also the most complete factory producing billets, profiles, doors and windows, and industrial and construction structures in the northwestern part of the country.

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