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History and Introduction

About us

The very first phase of Hekmati Aluminum Complex has been established in 1985 in Tabriz on an area of 5000 square meters with the perseverance of Mr. Akbar Hekmati who is one of the prominent producers and a great entrepreneur in the East Azarbaijan province and a veteran world and national champion in wrestling.

With the construction of the second phase in 2007 on an area of 7000 square meters and with the capability of 12000 square meters of space created, including 6 great production halls and also enjoying the presence of experts, managers, engineers and technically efficient manpower , this complex has become one of the few industrial-manufacturing units to be successfully active in the private sector in the country. Also, it is the most complete manufacturer of billets, aluminum profiles, doors and windows and other building structure in the northwest of the country which is equipped with the state of the art machines and with the help of cutting edge technology is capable of supplying the raw material from the production stage of billet to the production of aluminum profiles, doors and windows in various systems.

Currently, with the enjoyment of different units such as design, mould, nitration and profile production and by using two extrusion press machines with a capacity of 1800 tons and an extrusion press of 2200 tons, polisher machine, aluminum finish, brushing, two lines of electrostatic curtain coloring, plating and anodizing unit, decorative paint line (wood and stone designs), the unit for the construction and assembly line of doors and windows, the modern European thermal brick system, Hekmati Aluminum Complex has an important role and a significant contribution to the large and small projects throughout the country. In addition, with an enormous and endless effort, this complex has successfully obtained the international certification of ISO 9001-2015 and European CE standard in 2018.

Today, under the light of the kindness of unique Lord and with the attention of the authorities and plentiful perseverance, we have aimed to achieve the greatest progress in order to have a small yet significant contribution to the advancement and prosperity of economy of our dear country Iran.