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Features and benefits of products

The profiles, lacing and the technology of this complex is European which are produced with state of the art technology and top tech achievements. At the Hekmati Aluminum Complex, doors and windows, glass facades, and lacings are being produced under the brand of  Silber with the following features


Using aluminum billets with 6063 alloy in producing aluminum profiles with extruded method-

Smoothing puncture and reducing and reducing noise pollution which lead to preventing from heat and cold exchange with the help o

thermal brick and no thermal brick system

Embedding dripping tools on sliding and hinged windows for the aim of water evacuation-

Using hinges which can be tuned up-

:Producing different types of products with various colours-

Anodizing with covering of 15 to 20 microns, electrostatic powder colors with covering of 70 to 90 microns and decorative colors with wood and stone design

Using foreign and modern lacings in producing doors and windows and glass facades in order to avoid waste of energy-