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Billet production

Bearing in the mind that this unique section is equipped with two 10-tonne furnaces; on a daily basis, it is capable of melting over 20 tons of pure aluminum ingots (99/80-1000p) and also carrying out the casting process.

DC casting system in this section is one of the most equipped systems, which is the only DC casting system available in the northwest of the country, and is capable of conducting the melting and alloying process and produces 6-meter billets with 6063 alloys and any other alloy at customer’s request. Moreover, the state-of-the-art laboratory of this unit is equipped with advanced devices such as German made Spectro quantum meter (which is unique in its kind) to control product quality. The expert technicians in this section precisely control and analyze the alloy and produce the billets with the alloy of 5000-6000-7000 and after conducting the process of homogenization the alloys are sent to the unit of profile production in order to carry out the extrusion process.


Design and production of mold

The section of mold production in this complex is one of the rare and unique sections in the northwest of the country in terms f capacity and facilities. The molds are designed and produced in this unit with the help of the best type of European hot work steel and advanced tools and soft wares. This unit is equipped with lathe machine and mold polisher and is capable of designing, producing and maintaining different kinds of molds related to the extrusion industry.


Profile producing process

In this section the different kinds of profiles are produced from 6063 billet with use of two fully automatic 2200-1800 tons extrusion press plants which are equipped with the unique system of double puller and profile transmission system. And after being tested and controlled, the produced profiles enter to the aging furnace in order to gain enough strength. After leaving the furnace, their degree of strength and hardness is tested with testing machine.


Polishing aluminum profiles

Specific profiles are transferred to this section for getting polished and gaining a shiny surface and after polishing process and creating a mirror surface, they are transferred to anodizing unit.



Aluminum profiles enter this section of production in order to get prepared for powder color stage and anodizing. After producing a soft surface, they are transferred to powder coloring and anodizing section.


Aluminum Powder Coating

The produced profiles are transferred to this part of electrostatic powder coloring process. They are colored automatically with the help of two lines of powder coating which are fully equipped with modern robotic technology.

Aluminum Decoral Profile 

The profiles are transferred to this unti after being prepared in powder coating section and they are covered with various decorative colors and designs such as stone and wood design.


Aluminum Profile Anodizing

The produced products are transferred to this unit to conduct anodizing process in various colors such as golden, silver, brown, black, white and etc. In this unit, modern machines and advanced technology and high brand raw materials are used to have the perfect results. The anodized profiles are ready to be used after being controlled and tested in modern quality control laboratory.


Quality control

The produced profiles are measured and tested according to the standards in advanced control laboratory and after being approved by this section they are prepared to be packed and delivered to the costumers.


Profile packaging and labeling 

In order to protect the produced profiles from any damage, this section of the production is of great importance. The profiles are labeled with label sticker machines and get ready to be perfectly packed with profile packaging machine and delivered to the costumers.


Assembly line and production of aluminum doors and windows and structures:

After being controlled and tested in advanced quality control laboratory, the profiles are transferred to this section of the factory in order to produce and manufacture different kinds of building structures such as specific and thermal brick doors and windows, glass views, different laces and etc. which are presented as the brand of Halcopen to the market and its costumers.

This extraordinary unit under the name of Halcopen is equipped with the unique system of four-head punch machine for quick assembly with maximum precision and minimum human error.