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Aluminum Billets

Bearing in the mind that this unique section is equipped with two 10-tonne furnaces; on a daily basis, it is capable of melting over 20 tons of pure aluminum ingots (99/80-1000p) and also carrying out the casting process.

DC casting system in this section is one of the most equipped systems, which is the only DC casting system available in the northwest of the country, and is capable of conducting the melting and alloying process and produces 6-meter billets with 6063 alloys and any other alloy at customer’s request. Moreover, the state-of-the-art laboratory of this unit is equipped with advanced devices such as German made Spectro quantum meter (which is unique in its kind) to control product quality. The expert technicians in this section precisely control and analyze the alloy and produce the billets with the alloy of 5000-6000-7000 and after conducting the process of homogenization the alloys are sent to the unit of profile production in order to carry out the extrusion process.